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Coming Soon: A new large print edition of Prose Works by Mary Baker Eddy will soon be available. This hardcover book will be similar in size to the Sterling Reader’s Edition Bible and will feature large font and wide margins. Give us a call or send an email to readingroom@csprincton.org to reserve a copy.

Looking for a gift idea? Our Christian Science Reading Room now offers gift cards in both physical (plastic) and eGift card format. They may be purchased in the Reading Room and eGift cards may also be purchased online

Please note: These gift cards may only be redeemed at this location: Christian Science Reading Room, 178 Nassau St., Princeton NJ. They may not be redeemed at other Christian Science Reading Rooms.

Not for children only! Though written with a young audience in mind, the recently released book, Stories of Healing: Jesus and his followers, is one that all will enjoy. Stop in to check it out!

Are your children learning new languages at school? They may enjoy reading some of their favorite Bible stories in their new language. The Story of Ruth is the latest addition to the foreign language Bible story collection, which also includes Noah and the Ark, Nehemiah Builds the Wall, Joseph and His Brothers, Moses: Leader and Lawgiver, and The Story of Jesus. These books are available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German, as well as English The board book of The Lord’s Prayer is also available in Spanish, French, and German. Spanish editions of these children’s books are in stock at the Reading Room. We would be happy to order copies in other languages on request.